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Database Driven Website

The solution lies in creating a 'Database driven website', through which web pages are created dynamically which further gives a web site visitor an up-to-dated view of information stored in the database. When the information in the database is updated, site visitors will immediately see the changes that have been made.

There are many sites, which are bounded up by a dry, outdated design because, rewriting the hundreds of existing HTML files and implementing it into the new design would be a very time consuming job that no enterprise can invest. The only solution to this is a database-driven site design, which portrays the collection of information organized and presented to serve a specific purpose.

If you want to showcase hundreds or thousands of items/ products it can become a very tedious job to maintain a static web page for each item and in such situations a database is very essential. On a database-driven site, a web page is put together drawing on different fields in a database. Since the pages are generated again each time the user clicks on the link to go to them, a database-driven site is dynamic as opposed to static.

When we create a Database driven website, we see to it that our clients can do their own maintenance via a set of web-based data entry forms or by working directly with the database which is customized according to the clients needs. We design the web page in such a way so that it is connected to the database, which in case of any transformation, changes accordingly and automatically without interference from the programmers end.

Professional database driven website design is a cost effective method of developing a website which stores a large amount of information. Instead of designing all the static pages in advance, it is better to produce dynamic pages, which generate the relevant information requested by the viewer.

The most popular database management system is MySQL, because it is free, and flexible, and most web hosting Companies have it installed. This can be used in combination with a language such as PHP or Cold Fusion to create a website which interacts with the database. An E-commerce site is a bright example of the use of a database to store the client's online orders and billing information.

PHP is possibly the most popular of languages for interacting with MySQL databases. It can be easily used to create web pages for your site dynamically. This means that, rather than a site consisting of many static or unchanging web pages, each page is generated based on information in your database, at the time the page is accessed by a user.

The primary scripting languages that we use include JavaScript, ASP/VBScript, Cold Fusion, Perl and PHP. Our primary databases are Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL, and Oracle.

The Database driven websites that we at CWD Web Design Company develop are very efficiently developed because we see to it that the site is dynamically generated or customized to display the information that is relevant to each visitor. We develop the website in an interactive way and store information the user enters, for use in the rest of their visit to the website, or for use in other activities.

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